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Please complete the Mid-America Christian University (MACU) Registration Agreement in its entirety. All fields are required. If you have questions about completing the Agreement, please contact your Enrollment Counselor. Please refer to the University Catalog at for more details.


Please read each statement carefully. Check the box next to each statement to verify that you have read, understand, and agree with each statement. Speak with an Enrollment Counselor if you have questions.

Multidisciplinary options allow a unique opportunity for students interested in more than one academic discipline to choose a primary program and a secondary discipline of study. The courses required in the secondary discipline will be taken in lieu of the primary program’s electives. At the time the student designates the primary and secondary multidisciplinary course of study, they must be approved by the chairpersons of the two academic disciplines.

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Please read the following paragraphs carefully and in their entirety. They contain important information about your Registration Agreement. Speak with your Enrollment Counselor if you have questions before submitting your agreement. When you have read the information in each paragraph, please initial the form to signify your agreement with all statements:
I have reviewed the list of all requirements including any prerequisites in the current University Catalog that are necessary for completion of my program while maintaining enrollment with Mid-America Christian University. By initialing below, I agree to fulfill the requirements of the program.
I hereby authorize this Registration Agreement to be applied to my academic registration at Mid-America Christian University. To the best of my knowledge my statements on this form are true and complete. By signing this registration, I am obligated to pay for all tuition, fee, and book charges as dictated by MACU. Tuition and fees are due to be paid to the Business Office before the first day of class. All billing information will be available on the Student Portal. I understand that I may be charged late fees for past due or unpaid balances.
I understand that as a College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) student, the Office of the Registrar will register me for courses required on my degree plan and provide me with a schedule through the student portal. As a traditional College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) student, I understand that I need to meet with my Academic Advisor prior to enrolling myself in classes. Additionally, by signing this Registration Agreement, I agree to fulfill the requirements set forth by Mid-America Christian University Catalog. This may be achieved by academic administration, CLEP/DSST testing, transfer of previous academic record and Credit by Demonstrated Competency. I acknowledge that the University Catalog contains admission and degree completion requirements. Program descriptions and all policies, including those for refund or cancellation, can be viewed in the University Catalog accessed at and the Student Portal (
If I am using Veteran or Military benefits, I understand that it is my sole responsibility to contact, communicate, and provide required documentation with the MACU Student Veteran Adviser ( or 405-692-3147) to guarantee funding for education as it is administered at MACU.

If I am using Third Party Tuition Assistance, I understand that my classes are subject to approval, academic achievement parameters, and vocationally relevant by the Third Party funding organization to meet criteria for tuition reimbursement.  I further understand it is my responsibility to communicate and provide any documentation the Third Party will need for approval of the tuition assistance.  When using third party tuition assistance, tuition and fees are due before the first day of the course.  Contact the MACU Business Office for further assistance, (405) 692-3294.

Mid-America Christian University is committed to assisting all members of the MACU community in providing for their own safety and security.  The annual security and fire safety compliance document is available on the website at  

If you would like to receive the combined Annual Security and Fire Safety Report which contains this information, you can stop by the University Department of Public Safety at 3500 SW 119th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73170 or you can request that a copy be mailed to you by calling (405) 692-3242.

The Harassment and Discrimination policy of Mid-America Christian University addresses the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ("Title IX"), federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in federally-funded education programs and activities. Title IX states as follows:


No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.   


It is important that this policy be well understood by all members of the MACU community.  To complete the required student training, please click here or visit     

By typing my information and entering my name in the space below, I am placing my electronic signature on this agreement. By doing so, I understand that I bind myself to fulfill the obligations listed above, as well as those listed in the Mid-America Christian University academic Catalog.