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Mid-America Christian University believes a safe environment is necessary for optimal learning, and it is the goal of the university to ensure all those admitted to the institution are committed to maintaining such an environment for themselves and the MACU community. As part of this commitment, the university requires applicants to disclose any current or pending felony charges against you. Please complete this form to be reviewed by the Felony Review Committee for consideration for admittance to Mid-America Christian University. Thank you. 

Please put in the email that you check on a regular basis, as this will be the email in which the decision is emailed to.

The following is information that the Committee would like to review in your written statement. This statement should be formally written and typed. If you do not remember specific details, please ensure that you have ordered the documentation needed.  Be as thorough and accurate as possible.
Please include the following items in your written statement:

  1. Details of incident: Please provide details, including a complete description of the facts and circumstances that led to the charges.  You should include:         
        Who participated?
Who was the victim?
What losses were suffered?
When, where, and how did the event(s) occur?

Explanation of criminal history: please explain the reason(s) for your behavior.

What positive changes have you made in your life since the event(s)?

What are your educational goals?

Please be advised that current or pending felony charges may prevent a student from entering a degree program or from obtaining work in that field upon graduation. Please speak with your Enrollment Counselor if you have any questions.